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Wisconsin has experienced more than its fair share of political melodrama this year. The rancorous recall election aimed at Republican Governor Scott Walker in June was followed by a spirited Primary -- especially in the GOP Senate race where former Gov. samsung k zoom custodia Tommy Thompson overcame an assault from outside money. custodia wireless galaxy s5 He'll face Democrat Tammy Baldwin in November. custodia s8 plus in pelle samsung Tammy & Tommy...does anyone else have a hankering for a Beach Blanket movie? Some pundits believe that Walker's survival in the June recall puts the Dairy State in play for Mitt Romney this fall. samsung a5 2016 custodia sottile Others think that Walker's win simply doesn't provide a strong political metaphor that may be applied to the presidential election. custodia acquatica samsung s8 There's still time for both sides to make their points, but for now we're seeing a widening gap in Wisconsin: [Weighting was applied to correct for over-/undersampling.] [table id=133 /] We included Libertarian Gary Johnson to measure general support for third-party candidates. custodia samsung a3 2017 spiderman Note that we asked each participant if they consider themselves to be a Republican, Democrat or Independent voter. In this case, the split was 31% GOP / 32% Democrat / 37% Independents. Obviously, things can change a lot in October.