Meltdown & Mail


We Ask America had a helluva Friday. custodia galaxi a5 2017 Our polls in Ohio, Virginia and Florida generated so much traffic from the Drudge Report, Real Clear Politics and a number of others that our website melted down. custodia samsung j7 2016 london Actually, our hosting company pulled the plug, saying that we had "killed all the little mice running in the wheels." Now PETA is probably going to come knocking on our door. Thanks to our technical team's hard work we moved the site to a host that understands scalability. At least that's the theory. Back to Friday: nothing brings out the best in people like surprise poll results. custodia cellulare galaxy a5 We'd thought we'd share a few of those emails we've received and answer those folks who took time out of their busy days to send us their thoughts. Each is an actual email we received; the only thing we've done is turn them into PG-rated: who are you? you owned by Jack Welch, or citizens united? your site is questionable. I mean come on now, after all this time, you now show up? what's your real agenda? Answer: We wish we were owned by former GE CEO Jack Welch...maybe we could get a good deal on that General Electric 600 megawatt turbine we've been eyeing. samsung a5 2017 custodia glitter And may we ask: after "all this time" of reporting poll results showing President Obama's growing lead, why did YOU now show up? ---------------------- YOU LIBERAL [EXPLETIVE] MAKE ME PUKE. custodia samsung note 8 originale WHAT DO MEAN THERE'S NO TELLING HOW LONG THIS WILL LAST????? YOU'VE BEEN REPORTING THAT OBAMA IS WINNING AND THE [EXPLETIVE] MINUTE YOU SEE A LITTLE HOPE FOR REAL AMERICANS, YOU CAN'T [EXPLETIVE] TAKE IT. Answer: Darn it Mom...your caps lock is stuck on again. ---------------------- we all know that you guys are a part of a big conspiracy to take over the nation by big business. custodia glitter samsung j7 2016 i know. i got fired. Answer: I'm sorry you lost your job. I can't loan you money, but would you like to borrow some capital letters from my mother? ---------------------- What a crock of pig manure. Answer: Finally...someone with a specific and constructive statement. You, sir, have a future as a pollster. ================================== Did the Romney bounce have coattails? Watch soon for our newest U.S. custodia personalizzata samsung a5 2016 Senate polls in Ohio, Virginia and Florida.