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NOTE: We Ask America conducted this poll on behalf of the Chicago Retail Merchants Association. The results of that poll are linked to their website are used with their permission.
You have to hand it to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. He inherited a massive snarl of complex problems when he took office a year ago--the type of problems where he has to say NO to a lot of people who may deserve better, but the economic realities of the times force pragmatism over generosity. And while reality-check politics can sometimes be a pathway to discontent, Chicago voters seem to be open to his feisty, but not over-the-top approach to taking on the issues flying at the Mayor's Office. custodia samsung s8 originale piu venduta Not everyone agrees, of course, and Emanuel's everything-is-political attitude rubs some the wrong way. The Chicago Retail Merchants Association--which continues to be an active player in Chicago's political landscape--began commissioning and releasing poll results 18 months ago (during the mayoral campaign) and have continued to test the temperament of Windy City's voters last week when they commission We Ask America to measure Emanuel's popularity in some key areas. samsung galaxy a3 2017 custodia The results may be viewed HERE. The poll was taken soon after the close of the NATO Summit that Chicago hosted, which left the citizens of that city feeling pretty darn good about their place in the world. Despite media hype about the potential of huge protests...usually accompanied by flashback retrospectives of the 1968 Democratic Convention riots...the Summit failed to produce the predicted blood running in the streets. And while local TV stations did their best to show skirmishes between cops and protestors, it didn't exactly pin the needle on Chicagoans' Shock-o-Meter. custodia a libro samsung galaxy s4 They've seen better fights in the stands during White Sox-Cubs inter-league games. custodia originale galaxy s5 For all elected officials, popularity is ethereal. custodia tablet s2 8 pollici samsung t719 Bad tidings can spring up in a heartbeat, so a poll like this is only going to show you a snapshot in time.