The Show Me State


After a busy season conducting contracted poll, We Ask America is today announcing a series of "Quick Shots" where we poll key races with two questions only:

  1. If the election for your [U.S. Senator/Member of Congress] were held today, for whom would you vote?
  2. What is your political party affiliation?
We kick off the series in the Show Me state--Missouri. custodia samsung j5 6 2017 a libro originale Tuesday's primary in Cardinal-land did more than set the ballot in November--it provided a whopping 71-29 passage of a referendum essentially nixing national health care reforms. custodia tablet samsung s2 8 pollici Missouri's race for the U.S. custodia samsung galaxi a5 Senate seat being vacated by Republican Kit Bond, though, will certainly not be a lopsided affair. custodia flip samsung s3 neo Most pundits view this one as The One to Watch: expensive and as loud of the crack of Albert Pujols' bat. custodia telefono impermeabile samsung The principals here are Democrat Robin Carnahan and Republican Roy Blunt. custodia tablet samsung s3 originale Both sides have hit each other with the dreaded insider tag, and with some justification. Carnahan is attempting to become heir apparent to her family's extensive political history in Missouri, while House Minority Whip Blunt is a fixture in the House. And--as if the two previous baseball references weren't enough--they do play hard ball in Missouri, so we'll be keeping a close eye on this one. The results, below, give you the top-line results (TOTAL COLUMN) with breakdowns on party-affiliation lines.