The Walking Dread


Democratic Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is a survivor. custodia galaxy tab3 con tastiera He has had his political obituary written a number of times in his career only to avoid the zombie apocalypse through incredible tenacity, hard work and a bit of luck. But Pat Quinn will face more than just a Republican opponent in the fall election; he has some Democratic family matters to confront. His role in pushing for public pension reforms was not exactly warmly received by state employees and retirees, and his continuous gadfly approach to governing takes its toll. custodia trasparente samsung s9 plus But surely he can count on the full backing of his fellow Democrats when it's crunch time, right? Well, maybe. galaxy xcover 4 custodia To see how welcome Gov. Quinn will be at the next family picnic, we asked 1,162 likely Democratic voters two questions. Here's the first: In general, do you approve or disapprove of the job Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is doing? Here are the results to that question: [table id=172 /] OK...nothing too surprising above. Not great, but OK. Then, we asked them this: Do you agree, or disagree with the following statement? "I will probably vote to re-elect Pat Quinn as governor no matter who is running against him in the fall." Here are those results: [table id=174 /] Whoa...a third of likely Democratic voters disagreed with a fairly mildly written re-elect question, and another 16% aren't so sure. The crosstab below showing those responses to the re-elect question by LOCATION tells the story: [table id=171 /]   Now, political families fight, but when push comes to shove they tend to stick together. Still, having a third of likely Democratic voters say they're not sure they'll vote for an incumbent governor is a swift kick in the patootie. samsung galaxy note 8 custodia Will those miffed voters come back home in the fall? Probably. But depending on how deep voters' walking dread goes, some may not vote at all and a handful may vote against Gov. Quinn because they've had it with his schtick. custodia samsung tab a 2017 Still, it's likely Quinn will face Bruce Rauner whose attacks on union bosses will make Quinn the lesser of two evils for some. custodia samsung s8 plus a specchio But Mr.