We're baaack


NOTE: Thanks to all of you who pointed out the typo in the poll table, below. That's been corrected.
After a while away taking care of business, We Ask America returns with our Home Stretch Series with polls in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and few others that pique our interest. samsung a8 plus 2018 custodia Let's begin in Illinois' 10th Congressional District. IL-CD 10 is the home base for Republican Mark Kirk--now running for U.S. custodia samsung a5 2017 in silicone Senate against Democrat Alexi Giannoulias, the Green Party's LeAlan Jones and Libertarian Mike Labno. custodia a8 2018 samsung silicone juventus The district leans slightly Republican (moderate Republicans as well) and has been operating a bit under the radar against some higher profile local races. custodia note4 samsung originale No more. Democrat Dan Seals and Republican Robert Dold are both high-quality candidates vying to replace Kirk. This is Seals' third time running for the office, while Dold is a newcomer. Frankly, we weren't planning on polling this one at all. custodia batteria samsung j3 Conventional wisdom gave Seals a solid name-recognition and political-experience advantage. samsung s5 custodia silicone silver But the GOP tide keeps rising in the Heartland, and Dold's fund-raising numbers yesterday (he's raised $800K+ this quarter and has a cool million in the bank) could mean that he's peaking at exactly the right moment--so we moved it up the food chain. custodia samsung y5 Here are the results: [table id=57 /] NOTE: This poll was paid for by We Ask America.