Western Front


Our second round of polling for today consists of neighboring states with differing opinions: Colorado and New Mexico. custodia 360 samsung note 8


The Centennial State's electorate is a vibrant mix of aging hippies, current and retired military and nearly every walk of life in between. The eclectic mixture makes Colorado a tough state to predict. Here are our results from our last poll: [table id=139 /] As with all our polls, the topline results have been weighted with our propriety formula using 65 different criteria. custodia samsung j5 2017 inter We're providing the self-described party affiliation cross-tabs since so many have asked for it. Again, these affiliations are self-described and not used in our weighting system. custodia subacquea galaxy a5

New Mexico

While some thought New Mexico would be in play this fall (George W. custodia per tablet samsung 10 1 2013 Bush barely won here in 2004), the Land of Enchantment is clearly leaning left in the presidential and Senate race (Democrat Martin Heinrich vs. custodia galaxy tab s3 Republican Heather Wilson) this year: [table id=138 /] The only real surprise to us was that former NM Governor Gary Johnson isn't doing better here. custodia samsung c9pro While New Mexico has been leaning left, Johnson was pulling down double digits early in the summer but has clearly faded since. samsung galaxy s8 plus custodia His presence on the ticket was once believed to be a problem for Mitt Romney.