Wisconsin 7 re-visited


In our Home Stretch Series, we're going to revisit a few races in which subscribers have requested another peek. In August, we polled Wisconsin's 7th District (HERE) where two quality candidates are vying to replace the venerable Congressman David Obey (D). Democrat Julie Lassa is a State Senator with good business credentials running in a district that hasn't sent a Republican to Congress since Melvin Laird served the district in 1969. custodia samsung a5 2017 con disegni But like other mostly white, blue-collar districts in the Midwest, Wisconsin 7 voters seem restless, and Republican challenger Sean Duffy continues on his quest to break the Democrats' stronghold in the North Woods. custodia samsung a5 2018 Duffy is a District Attorney from Ashland and appeared on MTV's The Real World: Boston before he went to law school. custodia galaxy note edge The candidates have differing views on economic recovery (click HERE for a good one-page overview of the race), but this district didn't have a warm, fuzzy reaction to health-care reform (HERE), and Lassa supports those reforms with added emphasis on Medicare funding. samsung a5 2016 custodia a libro While Wisconsin 7 hasn't sent a Republican to Congress the past 40 years, many consider the district to lean only slightly Democrat (the poll we conducted had a 29/32/39 - GOP/Democrat/Independent split among participants when asked to describe their political party affiliation). Here are the results: [table id=58 /] Most pundits are calling this race a toss up due to lots of factors, and we do not disagree with that assessment. But Sean Duffy is once again proving to be a strong favorite with Independents, and Ms Lassa has her work cut out for her in the final two weeks. custodia samsung s9 plas It will be interesting to see if the progressive Democrat history of WI-7 will prevail in the end. custodia libro samsung galaxy note 8 NOTE: This poll was paid for by We Ask America.