Nebraska Republican Primary Voters Statewide Results


We Ask America, a nationally recognized polling firm, today released the first in a series of statewide public opinion polls from across the country.  The first state tested is Nebraska and produced interesting results for both Senator Ben Sasse and the property tax debate unfolding in Lincoln.  

Those predicting a primary challenge of Senator Ben Sasse in 2020, may want to temper their expectations based on the poll conducted on February 19th and 20th.  Surveying likely 2020 Republican primary voters, Senator Sasse finds himself on near equal footing with President Trump and recently re-elected Senator Deb Fischer in overall popularity.

We Ask America was a prominent pollster in the 2012 Nebraska U.S. Senate race, accurately predicting Senator Fischer’s victory in both the Republican Primary and General Election. 



·      President Donald Trump is immensely popular with Republican primary voters.  80% view him favorably (60% Very Favorable) versus only 18% who have an unfavorable opinion 

·      Senator Deb Fischer, fresh off re-election, is equally as popular as the president.  She sits with an impressive 78% favorable (44% Very Favorable) to 15% unfavorable image with Republican voters.

·      Senator Ben Sasse, meanwhile, looks far less vulnerable than some have thought.  He is viewed favorably by 74% of Republican primary voters (35% Very Favorable) versus 21% unfavorable, for a net favorability of +53%.  

·      More crucially, nearly three-quarters (73%) of Republicans approve of the job Sasse is doing as U.S. Senator.  Among self-identified “Very Conservative” Republicans, 78% approve of Sasse’s job performance.  

·      Senator Sasse’s “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act” will only enhance his standing with Republicans in his home state, as 84% self-identify as Pro-Life, with 70% overall indicating they are “Very Pro-Life”.

·      At the state level, with legislators in Lincoln debating several proposals to reduce the property tax burden on Nebraska families, it’s clear that Republican voters are split on the issue.  When asked “Do you support or oppose raising the state’s income and sales taxes in exchange for a reduction in your property tax bill?”, 34% indicated support, 26% indicated they oppose, and just under half (40%) said they were unsure.

·      Those trying to craft a compromise have work to do with women if they want to offset revenue lost from property tax reductions.  While 41% of men support raising the state’s income and sales taxes, only 28% of women do.  Conversely, 30% of men are unsure, while 50% of women indicate they are unsure.  

In the coming months, We Ask America will release a series of state polls from other states on relevant issues. 


This poll was conducted on February 19th and 20th, 2019 using automated calls to landlines.  In all, 500 registered voters in Nebraska, who are likely to vote in the 2020 Republican primary election, completed all questions.  The margin of error for this survey is +/- 4.38%.

Evan Walker